The Brothers of Christ is a religious congregation founded by the Servant of God Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz, an American missionary priest in Seoul, Korea on May 10, 1981, to respond to the reality of poverty, suffering and deprivation of the poorest of the poor.

The congregation supervises and maintains a program that provides shelter and training to the destitute and homeless elderly people and young adult.

They render various forms of assistance and service that include direct evangelization and values formation, as well as livelihood trainings, self-help projects, recreational facilities and retreat activities. In Seoul Korea, the Brothers are currently taking care of 1,700 abandoned adult and elderly men who are physically and mentally challenged, homeless and alcoholic. The Brothers take proper care for those entrusted to their care by providing them free hospice, food, clothing, medical and health services.

To broaden their knowledge in the welfare and services, and to be able to provide quality services the Brothers visited other welfare institutions for homeless people located in the major cities in Korea and while others attended social welfare classes to obtain a social worker license.

At present time, the Brothers of Christ are trying to reach out to the poor in other countries like Mexico and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, seeing the Filipinosí urgent need to alleviate the sufferings of the poor people, they decided to set-up, supervise, operate and maintain a Welfare Program for the poorest of the poor, elderly and young adult, out of school youth, physically and mentally challenged men by providing them various forms of voluntary assistance. To wit: Evangelization and values formation, livelihood programs, self-help projects and recreational facilities and retreat activities, to the non-paying poor coming from different places of the country.

In almost two years of preparation for the operation of the residential care for the out of school youth, physically and mentally challenged men, they involve themselves in visiting and do apostolate work to the different kinds of institutions to gather some information and see the actual operation for the said clients.

Seeing the needs of the society especially to the physically and mentally challenged and the out of school youth, Bro. Matthew Gu, together with the Filipino Brothers, established the Brothers of Christ of Banneux, Inc. (BCBI) in order to serve this under privileged people. The institution is a non-stock, non-profit corporation that provides residential care for the poorest of the poor. It will be maintained and supported by grants, donations, gifts and bequests from noble, selfless and well-meaning persons and entities locally and internationally.